February 23, 2020

Online Dating for singles in Bancroft, NE

Online Dating for Singles in Bancroft

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My name is Nancy, 30 years old

Dating profile - singles in NE, Bancroft
  • City: Bancroft
  • State: Nebraska
  • Height: 5′ 11″ (181 centimeters)
  • Profession: Folding-machine tender
  • Car: 2007 BMW 318
  • The favorite music: 🎧Bassline, Traditional Folk
  • Hobbies: Pottery, Collecting Artwork, Canoeing

I like being at home Meet a good, reliable man who knows what he wants Hi There.. I have a good figure and I pay much attention to this, a lady can live without a pretty face, because she can`t control this, but she can control her good figure.

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