July 13, 2020

Online Dating for singles in VA, Haysi

Online Dating for Singles in Haysi

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My name is Angela, 21 years old

Dating profile - singles in Haysi
  • City: Haysi
  • State: Virginia
  • Height: 5′ 3″ (161 centimeters)
  • Weight: 121.4 pounds (55.2 kilograms)
  • Zodiac sign: Leo ♌
  • The favorite music: 🎧Ragtime, Expressionist
  • Hobbies: Ghost Hunting, Jewelry Making

Am new to this online stuff, never married , am very simple and honest, i dont play games. and i think people understand me fast because am a easy going. I think I am very positive, fun loving, active and I hope I am smart. It’s my pleasure to keep the house in tidy and order and prepare delicious meals for my family. But I am looking for my soulmate.

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